About Us

Alohanetics is the philosophy and the vehicle by which we are
engaged in the process of promoting health around the world.  
It combines the most ancient of concepts of "aloha" which means
unconditional, universal love, with modern technology ie the internet,
thus the suffix, "Netics" after "Aloha".  We believe that if there is more
aloha around the world, the world will be a healthier, happier place
where we cal all live in harmony.    

The "ALOHA" acronym represents 
the 5 Principles of health that
we advocate.

1.Aloha:  Universal, unconditional Love
2.Lokahi:  Everything is connected, Realize That You are what you Eat, Think, Say, Pray and do.
3.Ola Kino:  Support the physical health of your body including Diet and Exercise
4.Ha:  The breath of life = "Spirari", Foster the health of the Spirit and our relationship to God
5.`Ano`ano:  The Seed – From Thought to Action

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