Now available are the Scalar energy enhanced medallions that carry the same charge that you experience in the Scalar room.  As explained by Dr. Sandra Michael, while you are wearing the medallion, you are surrounding yourself with a cocoon of celll rejuvenating energy that can make you feel younger and give you more energy. Each EEMedallion is Super-Charged so you can carry around the benefits of the Energy Enhancement System with you wherever you go

EEMedallions  and EEBracelets ARE NOW AVAILABLE.

Dr. Michaels offers these medallions and bracelets as a way to enhance your well being while you are away from the EESystem.


Available  Pink Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye,
White Jade
Black Obsidian, Zebra Jasper
Bracelets  Available    W
hite Jade, African Opal, Camelian,
Natural Tourmaline, Agate and Black Lava

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